Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

TRVL DRSS opts for environmentally aware production. This starts with our view on fashion and is reflected in every next step of the process. From the fabrics we use to the way we package our items. 

For us, corporate social responsibility is not an aim in itself. Rather, it describes how we work on a daily basis.
 At TRVL DRSS, we focus on staying up to date with innovative and alternative ways to produce items that put a smile on the face of our customers - and are kind to the environment. 

Friendly fashion

We realize that the traditional “take-make-waste” way of manufacturing has had an enormous negative impact on both man and nature globally. If you ask us, this could and should be done in a far more conscious manner.  

TRVL DRSS can best be described as friendly fashion: collections that are primarily made from a material that is comfortable, crease-resistant and eco-friendly.  Choosing to use this unique fabric enables us to craft garments that are worn with love, last a lifetime and minimize our impact on the environment. 

Concious choices

TRVL DRSS aims to minimize her footprint by making conscious choices regarding transport, production and fabrics. 

Almost all our items are crafted by using a one-of-a-kind Italian material. An easy care eco-jersey that is extremely comfortable, holds its shape and has an Eco-certificate that guarantees environmental awareness and sustainable production.  

Besides that, all items are made in Europe. This reduces the impact of transportation on the environment and ensures high European labor conditions at the same time.

With love

To create every item in the most responsible way possible, every step of the production process is thought through. We know that whatever we do has an impact on the world we live in. Keeping sustainability and a sense of responsibility in mind with every step we take, helps us reduce our impact. We are always constantly on the lookout for ways to produce our collections with more love for the environment. 

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