The Fabric

We traveled the world to find you our secret to travel wear

The more we traveled ourselves, the more we realized how important a good travel wardrobe is for a carefree stay abroad. So, besides designing easy to combine items, we also tried many different fabrics before finding you our secret to travel wear: high-quality Italian jersey. 

All TRVL DRSS items are made of this unique fabric, produced according to Italian technical- and creative manufacturing traditions. The Italian jersey has been worked on for over 20 years and continuous innovations keep transforming the fabric into an even better version of itself. This enables us to deliver you the perfect outfit, whatever the occasion or destination. 

The Italian eco-jersey comes in a variety of vivid colors. The surface of the fabric is silky smooth; therefor it’s great in print as well. 

Producing our collections using nothing but this fine Italian jersey means every item in your suitcase is wrinkle-free (no ironing required!), air dries extremely fast and will only take up a minimum amount of space in your suitcase. Simply put: more outfits, less worries. 

Unique characteristics

  • Extra comfort
  • Body Moisture System
  • Drip ’n Dry
  • Ultra-fine
  • Easy Care
  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lightweight

Washing instructions

Machine wash at 30°, do not iron or tumble dry. 


Italian jersey is made of 72% polyamide and 28% elastane.

Eco Friendly

Almost all our items are crafted by using this one-of-a-kind Italian material. An easy care eco-jersey that is extremely comfortable, holds its shape and has an Eco-certificate that guarantees environmental awareness and sustainable production.  

Besides that, all items are made in Europe. This reduces the impact of transportation on the environment and ensures high European labor conditions at the same time.


Our items are designed for a timeless travel wardrobe, using a different signature color every collection. All items remain available online for more than just a season, so be sure to mix and match.

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