The Copenhagen Collection

Today we are launching the newest TRVL DRSS collection, called Copenhagen. This Scandinavian gem is the capital of Denmark and combines the feeling of a little town with all the beauty of a large city. Colorful houses decorate the waterfront, whilst the historical centre offers palaces, castles and breathtaking gardens to explore. Copenhagen is a true Nordic city with a hint of alternative vibes. A mix that inspired us to create effortlessly elegant items with a creative twist.

Fashion Week

At the time of writing this article, the Scandinavian Fashion Week has actually just taken place. Where else than in Copenhagen! This city is responsible for many impressive fashion brands, most of them with an emphasis on planet-friendly attire. Scandinavia as a whole is very concerned with the environment, and it's clothing brands offer no exception.

Besides ethical manufacturing and organic fabrics, wearability was a recurring theme this Fashion Week. TRVL DRSS couldn’t agree more! Our collection of comfy and beautiful items are all made of a unique eco-friendly fabric.

Copenhagen inspires

Taking a stroll along Copenhagen’s streets, you will notice people are well-dressed, with a laid-back city vibe. Their style can be described as effortlessly elegant. You will see a lot of soft colors, natural materials and prints with natural objects like flowers or leaves. With a climate comparable to that in northern-Europe, winters can be really cold and summers quite warm and everything in between has made the Danes great at layering!

One of the words used a lot in Copenhagen is hygge, which is best translated to ‘comfy’ or ‘cozy’. Although people always look stylish, there is always a sense of hygge to their outfits. At TRVL DRSS we can totally relate to that!

Soft and natural colors

Copenhagen is a city with a lot of color. From the parks to the buildings that adorn the harbor at Nyhavn. Yet, when it comes to fashion, soft and natural colors prevail.

Our newest items are available in a range of colors that reflect the “back to nature” feel; from different shades of blue to Jungle Green, Coral and Masai Red. Of course we also added some patterns. Our collections just wouldn’t be complete without them. We chose stripes, a leaf print, and a blue camouflage that we love to wear with solid off-white or blue items.


The style of our Copenhagen collection is relaxed and feminine. From knee-length and long (shirt) dresses that pair very well with our leggings, to high-waist pants and loosely fitted tops. Like all TRVL DRSS collections, this one is also designed with the comfort of traveling business women in mind. Yet, we must say, our newest collection is also tempting us to take a city trip to Copenhagen just for fun!

Wonder where we would go? Stay tuned for our next blog! We’ll share all our Copenhagen Citytrip tips with you.

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