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These are the General Terms and Conditions (“GTaC”) of Zenggi BV (“TRVL DRSS”), a private limited company established under the laws of The Netherlands. TRVL DRSS is located at Vliegtuigstraat 28 BG, 1059 CL Amsterdam, The Netherlands. E-mail: customerservice@zenggi.com. Telephone: +31 (0)316 820 971. Registered with the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce under nr. 34227017. VAT (BTW) number: NL8145.71.037B01. These GTaC shall apply to all purchases and sales agreements entered into by TRVL DRSS and its customers through the regular TRVL DRSS website (“the Website”). By checking the ‘Accept’ box you agree to their contents and their applicability to the agreement you enter into with TRVL DRSS. No account can be created without agreeing with these terms and conditions. Without an account, no products can be purchased. These GTaC are not applicable to purchases and sales entered into through the TRVLDRSS.com Outlet website. Instead, for that website the separate terms and conditions apply, which are listed there and need to be accepted to start an account for the TRVL RSS.com Outlet site.


2.1 The purchasing process 
You can place an order on the Website by clicking on all desired items on the website, which will place them in your Shopping Bag. You may then inspect your Shopping Bag and make any changes necessary. Only one discount code or voucher per order is allowed. Once you find the Shopping Bag corresponding with your wishes, you may click on the ‘Add to Shopping Bag’ button, which will generate an electronic order form listing the desired items. Upon completion of the order form, including details of payment, you may click ‘Purchase’, after which you will be transferred to a secure environment to finalize the financial transaction. This will complete your order.


2.2 The sale and purchase agreement
Upon processing your order, the Website will in principle send you an e-mail receipt. The sale and purchase agreement shall be completed  from the moment said e-mail is sent. This said agreement shall therefore be deemed as agreed in The Netherlands.


2.3 Refusing a transaction
The Website reserves the right however, to refuse to process a transaction for any reason and/or to refuse service to anyone at any time in its sole discretion.


2.4 Delivery
The Website delivers worldwide. For questions about deliveries outside the European Union please contact our customer service.


3.1 Listed prices
The prices listed on the Website include VAT, but do not include shipping costs. The total price listed on the order list and on the electronic order form does include shipping costs. Prices are subject to change at any time.

Products are sold on a delivery unpaid basis. The recipient may also have to pay import duty or a formal customs entry fee prior to/or on delivery. Additional taxes, fees or levies may apply according to local legislation and customers are required to check these details before placing an order for international delivery. TRVL DRSS does not charge delivery costs for deliveries within the Benelux.


3.2 Price changes after concluded sale and purchase agreement
Changes in prices do not affect the sum payable in a concluded sale and purchase agreement as confirmed by TRVL DRSS by e-mail.


3.3 Information regarding prices, specifications, etc.
Although all information regarding prices, specifications, etc. is placed on the website with the utmost care, TRVL DRSS does not guarantee its accuracy.


3.4 No obligation to deliver in case of incorrect information
TRVL DRSS shall not be bound to deliver any orders that were placed on the basis of incorrect information on the website.


3.5 Information on external websites
Certain links on the website may give access to sites and sources of information that are exploited and maintained by third parties. TRVL DRSS does not control these sites and does not accept any liabilities regarding their contents.


Payment can be made by means of such credit cards or alternative methods as are indicated on the electronic order form. By making use of a certain credit card(number) you confirm that the credit card that is being used is yours. The amount payable will be debited from your account when your order is accepted by TRVL DRSS. All credit card holders are subject to validation checks and authorization by the card issuer. If the issuer of your payment card refuses to authorize payment to TRVL DRSS, we shall postpone delivery and contact you. In that case TRVL DRSS shall not be liable for any delay or non-delivery. Credit card details will be processed by means of an SSL (secured socket layer) connection. TRVL DRSS shall not be liable for any misuse of this data by third parties.


5.1 Delivery period
TRVL DRSS shall do her utmost to deliver all purchases within the period indicated on the website. TRVL DRSS however is dependent on suppliers in this respect. As a result, all times indicated on the Website are indicative. TRVL DRSS shall not be liable in any way if delivery takes place at a later date. Exceeding the term of delivery and/or exceeding the term of thirty days after placement of the order, shall not automatically place TRVL DRSS in default.


5.2 Delivery of your purchase
Your order will be delivered by Post NL, when delivered within the Netherlands. When you have placed your order on Monday to Thursday before 4 p.m., your purchase order will be delivered the next day between 9 a.m. and 9.30 p.m. (in remote area’s till 5 p.m.). When you have placed your order on Friday before 4 p.m., your order will be deliverd on Saturday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.. Orders placed during the weekend will be processed on Monday and delivered on Tuesday. UPS will try three times to deliver your purchase order. When these deliverances are not successful, you will receive a message in your mailbox with the request to contact UPS to make an appointment for the deliverance. This is possible until 5 days after the third try for deliverance. In case there has been no contact with UPS the purchase order will be sent in return.

When your purchase order will be delivered outside the Netherlands, it will be delivered by UPS, on business days between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.. If you are not answering the door, the courier will try to deliver the purchase order at your neighbors and will inform you by leaving a note in your mailbox. UPS will try three times to deliver your purchase order. When these deliverances are not successful, you will receive a message in your mailbox with the request to contact UPS to make an appointment for the deliverance. This is possible until 5 days after the third try for deliverance. In case there has been no contact with UPS the purchase order will be sent in return.

(See for international deliveries the Frequently Asked Questions.)


5.3 Insurance of your shipment
All items are insured by TRVL DRSS until such time that they have been delivered at your address. Any complaints regarding the state in which goods have been delivered (including missing labels and tags) must be made to TRVL DRSS no later than two working days upon receipt of the goods by e-mail or telephone at the address/number listed in par. 1.

In case your shipment is not delivered within 14 days, TRVL DRSS will have the courier conduct an investigation of the status of your shipment. Only after the outcome of this investigation, TRVL DRSS may refund the value of your order. Such refund will be made if TRVL DRSS or the courier is to blame for not receiving your order.


6.1 Cancellations, returns and exchanges
It is possible to exchange an item, you need to place a new order at our website.

Cancelling an order for free is only possible before the order has left our warehouse.

Please check the product carefully upon receipt before taking off all original tags and labels and decide within 14 working days whether you accept the product or send it back to TRVL DRSS.

After removing the tags and/or after using the product, the product cannot be returned or repaired, nor entirely or partially refunded.

All goods bought at TRVL DRSS can be returned after requesting a return number on the Website. This has to be done within 14 working days upon delivery. After requesting the return number the goods have to be shipped back to us within another 7 days. Be aware that you must cover the costs of the return shipment, as TRVL DRSS bv does not pay for the return shipments. For an indication of the return costs please click here.


Said request for a return number must take place via the Website. Go to ‘Orders’ in your account. Select the order that contains the product you want to return. Select the product that you want to return. Choose the reason of the return shipment and click on 'Submit Return'.

Requesting a return number shall automatically bring about the dissolution of the sale and purchase agreement between TRVL DRSS and the customer and obliges the customer to return the goods to TRVL DRSS within 7 days of cancellation. Returned goods must be identified by the purchasers by means of enclosing the return form. Unidentified goods may be returned to the purchaser without refund.

There is a pre-printed return label in every delivery. You can use this label for returning your order. Purchase orders that are being returned within the Netherlands can be dropped off at the post office.

Are you staying abroad?
We recommend that you use a secure, trackable means to return your order to us at


Zenggi bv

Edisonstraat 78

6902 PK Zevenaar

Nederland/The Netherlands


If there has been made unauthorized use of an alternative delivery address (such as a freeport) the cost will be deducted from the amount to be credited.

We also recommend that you insure the return shipment as you are responsible to take reasonable care of the goods and will be liable for damage to items or missing items until we receive them at our warehouse. Zenggi bv cannot be held responsible in any way for damaged or missing items during the return shipment.

Be aware that you must cover the costs of the return shipment, as Zenggi bv does not pay for the return shipments from abroad.

All accurately returned products will be credited as a refund to the original purchaser’s credit card account, bank account or PayPal account excluding the shipping costs to the shipping address. TRVL DRSS will pay the costs of the return shipping. In order to receive a refund the product you return must be in new, unused, and unworn condition with all the original packaging and garment tags still attached. New and unused means that there are no (make-up) marks on the item or any wear on the tags. Unused also means: no perfume scent or smell of smoke on any item. Please note that items that are damaged as a result of wear and tear are not considered to be faulty. Due to hygienic reasons earrings and body shapers can not be exchanged or returned.

If you have received a TRVL DRSS article as a gift, you are allowed to exchange it within fourteen days. The new article must have the same price, or may be priced higher, provided you pay the difference. Furthermore you pay the added shipping costs plus customs levies/taxes and import or export duties.


6.2 Refund period
After the receipt of the goods by TRVL DRSS the money will be transferred to your bank, creditcard or PayPal account within a maximum of five working days.

Banks, credit card companies and PayPal handle payments on their own conditions. That is why it can take longer before the money will actually be refunded to your account. TRVL DRSS cannot be held responsible for this.


6.3 Responsibility for return shipment
TRVL DRSS is not responsible for your return shipment to us. As sender of the shipment, you are responsible for the actual delivery to our return shipment address. You must deliver the return package in correct fashion to the post office. If it cannot be established that a return shipment that has gone missing was transferred to the post office in the correct way, TRVL DRSS shall not be obligated to refund the product.


7.1 Check the received items
Please check the product carefully upon receipt before taking off all original tags and labels and decide within 7 working days whether you accept the product or send it back to TRVL DRSS.

After removing the tags and/or after using the product, the product cannot be returned, repaired, nor entirely or partially refunded.


7.2 Sale price adjustment policy 
If you purchase a TRVL DRSS item up to 7 days before the start of a sale, we will be happy to adjust the price of the product to the reduced price, but only if you report this.  Please note, before we can approve any adjustment in the sale price, the exact same style and size of an item must be available for purchase when you make your request. All approved sale price adjustments will be credited to your account. Please be aware, this policy does not extend to items originally purchased in a sale or to any special promotional items at temporarily reduced prices.


TRVL DRSS respects your privacy. The information you provide through the website will only be used to process your order and to inform you about TRVL DRSS and its products.


The liability of TRVL DRSS towards the purchaser shall be limited to the amount of the purchase price. TRVL DRSS shall never be liable for any loss of profits or goodwill or any other consequential damages.


All correspondence with TRVL DRSS must take place in English or Dutch. The laws of The Netherlands will  apply to all transactions. Any dispute relating to a purchase and sale agreement to which these GTaC apply shall exclusively be brought before the District Court of Amsterdam, unless TRVL DRSS shall choose to bring this dispute before the competent court of the purchasers residence.



All content of this webshop are intellectual property of www.trvldrss.com. Nothing may be copied or used without permission of www.trvldrss.com.

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